Attendance Policy: Members may not enter classes more than 15 minutes late. Max 15-20 people per class. Our classes are on a first come first serve basis. Come on out and push yourself to be your best!


ROC N’ Row -  Water rowing is a dynamic form of training that builds both cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Weight training and core conditioning are mixed into the rowing circuit to guarantee a total body conditioning class. All levels accommodated.

ROC Combat - A combination of boxing & kickboxing inspired drills with a mixture of resistance and endurance training that will help you lose weight, tone muscles and improve your cardiovascular endurance! Come “KICK” the fat away and burn between 800-1,000 calories in a one-hour class!

ROC Star Body -  This 60-minute workout incorporates fat-burning cardio, strength, and core training using a variety of equipment. All levels accommodated.

Happy Hour -  Start the weekend off right with this straight no chaser! Cardiovascular workout from Tabata to sprint training to strength training, this workout features a variety of class formats to pre-burn your weekend calories!

Insanity® - MAX Interval Training that will challenge you as you alternate between aerobic and anaerobic intervals. You will perform long burst of maximum-intensity exercises with short periods of rest in between.

Circuit Breaker -  Hit every muscle group as you burn calories zipping through stations of different fitness equipment from BOSU balls to trampolines to battle ropes! Train like the true Roc Star that you are!

Cardio-To-Go - A half-hour cardio workout using a variety of formats, including step, sports drills, and hi-lo, to get the heart rate going!


TRX® -  Ready to challenge your workouts with high intensity, powerful movements at faster tempos? This class has timed interval sets combining TRX and cardio drills. Guaranteed to keep your heart rate pumping and burning mega calories while you're engaged in intense body conditioning.

ROC Strength -  Discover your strength! This class is designed to build strength, add definition and decrease bodyfat. You will use hand weights, body bars, tubing and your own body weight to change the shape of your body.

ROC Core -  A muscular endurance workout for your abdominal and lower back muscles. Participants will utilize props such as stability balls, BOSU balls, body bars, weights, bands and much more.

Guts & Butts (G&G) -  Combining exercises to tone and shape the rear (the Butt) and the front (the Gut).

Roc The Bell -  A form of training that will challenge both the muscular and cardiovascular system with dynamic and total body movements. This is class incorporates cross training to get the most out of your kettlebell workouts. All levels accommodated


ROC N’ Groove -  Get ready to party yourself into shape! This high-energy dance class will burn serious calories while you move & groove to a mix of latest hip hop sounds!

ROC Step & Sculpt -  This high-powered class offers fat burning exercises, using the latest in step choreography, combined with strength training!

Cardio Kickboxing -  This class combines punches and kicks along with cardio drills! An ideal format for achieving an intense, fat burning workout. For all fitness levels!

LeBarre -  LeBARRE is a workout like no other! This format combines Balance, Agility, Resistance, working Recovery and Eloquence into a challenging full body workout. Use the exercises alone

Vinyasa Yoga -  This popular yoga class improves posture, flexibility and strength using a series of flowing yoga poses and synchronized breathing to create a dynamic full body workout.

Roc Pilates Mat -  This class will help you firm and strengthen every part of your body. This popular form of exercise is about stabilization, concentration, control, flow, breath, and precision.

ROC N’ Restore -  Is a Pilates & yoga inspired class that will incorporate moves for lengthening and strengthening your core muscles. Stretching movements will also be incorporated as we restore muscles that are important for everyday life.


Rhythm Ride -  In this non-stop, high intensity workout, the party starts the minute you get on the bike. This unique rhythmic journey will have you waving your towel, moving and grooving to the hottest tracks with specially choreographed sections that rival any dance competition. Feel the beat and move your feet – indoor cycling has never been this much fun!

Ride & Sculpt -  Incorporates indoor cycling and strength training.